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Now that we are in a proper batting stance, it is time to move on to our next step, “the load”.  The load is important because it will help you use your lower body in your swing and help you generate power.

Basically, the load is when your shift your weight to your back foot before your swing. To do a simple load, move your hips toward your back foot and push down with your toe on your back foot. Remember, we must remain balanced during our whole swing so it is extremely vital to stay balanced during our load. When loading, you can lift  your front heel when shifting your weight back. Also, you will see professional players load with a big step with their front foot.  Either way is fine as long as we are getting our weight back and staying balanced. Do whatever is comfortable for you.


“Loaded” Batting Stance


Batting Stance


Notice in the picture on the left, Coach Caden is in a proper batting stance. In the picture on the right, Coach Caden has already loaded and you can see that his weight has shifted to his back foot and his front heel is slightly off the ground.

When practicing loading, make sure you focus on shifting your weight back and staying balanced the whole time. Once you have the load down, you should notice more power in your swing right away.

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