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In this Sport Tip, I want to go over the lost art of bunting. Bunting is a very important part of the game and too many young baseball players do not know how to correctly lay down a bunt. Even some professional players look like they don’t know how to bunt and I believe it should be apart of every player’s skill set.

I’m going to break down bunting to show how simple it really is.

  1.  Be in an athletic, balanced stance.
  2. Take a practice swing and leave your bat over the plate with the barrel high.
  3. Place one hand at the knob of the bat and the other hand a little more than half way up the barrel.
  4. Make sure your back foot is turned, knees are bent, and you are facing the pitcher.

Coach Caden in a correct bunting stance.

Now that you are in a correct stance, it’s time to bunt the ball. When making contact with the ball, DO NOT lunge at the ball. Simply, move the barrel over to make contact with the ball. If the pitch is high or low, move your body up or down instead of raising or dropping the barrel of the bat.

Follow these steps and you will have greater success and more control when bunting.


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