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A great way to work on your swing when you are by yourself is using a batting tee. One problem is that I see a lot of young athletes not using the batting tee properly and seem bored and not focused when using one. Tee work may not be as exciting as facing live pitching but it is a great way to really work on refining your swing with proper mechanics and should not be overlooked.

Some things that we need to focus on when training with a batting tee;

  • Need to be in an athletic batting stance.
  • Hold the bat with a correct grip.
  • Remember to load your hands and bottom half.
  • Turn your back foot, and pull the knob of the bat to the pitcher.
  • Start with your front shoulder pointing to the pitcher and end with your back shoulder pointing to the pitcher.
  • And most importantly, keep your eye on the ball the whole time! You should never miss the ball and hit the tee!

What’s great about training with a batting tee is that you can work on hitting balls up the middle, pulling the ball, and hitting balls to opposite field by setting up the batting tee in different positions on the plate.

Up the middle.

training with a batting tee training with a batting tee

Pulling the ball.

training with a batting teetraining with a batting tee

Hitting to opposite field.

training with a batting tee training with a batting tee

Even though the tee is in a different position in each picture, notice that my swing is the same and the only difference is where I’m making contact with the ball.

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