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Our private baseball lessons are perfect for both young and older Baseball players, that are looking to improve their skills. We recommend private lessons to younger players who want to learn proper mechanics and older players that are looking to refine their skills for an upcoming tryout or season. Our professional baseball instructors will provide your child with the training they need to improve.

Benefits of Baseball Lessons:

  • Learn the correct mechanics in hitting, pitching, fielding, and as a catcher.
  • Get rid of or never develop “bad habits” which can negatively affect your game.
  • Decrease the chances of injury. Especially in pitching, bad mechanics can lead to arm injuries.
  • Improve your skills and knowledge of the game.

Not everyone is ready for private lessons! We recommend that you read this blog post from our head instructor, Coach Caden, to decide if your child is ready.

Types of Private Lessons: 

  • Pitching Lessons.
  • Hitting Lessons.
  • Fielding Lessons.
  • Catcher Lessons.

We offer private (one on one) and group packages for our baseball lessons (Call for group pricing). Also, we offer lessons with a Junior Instructor. Lessons with a Junior Instructor are not the prices that you see below. Call about lessons with a Junior Instructor.

Package1/2 Hour1 Hour
1 Lesson$65$115
5 Lessons$275 ($55 per lesson)$500 ($100 per lesson)
10 Lessons $500 ($50 per lesson)
$900 ($90 per lesson)


baseball lessons

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