Baseball Clinics

baseball clinics suffolk county long islandOur Baseball Clinics are perfect for improving your skills without the same financial investment as lessons. Throughout the year, we will offer different clinics that can be for one session or multiple weeks. We offer many clinics that cover different aspects of the game including;

  • Hitting.
  • Pitching.
  • Catching.
  • Fielding.

Our Baseball Clinics are usually smaller groups with the player:coach ratio being at most 5:1. This ensures that players are still able to get quality and personal instruction in a larger group.

Keep reading to view all the baseball clinics that we’re currently running.

Pitching Clinic

Our Pitching Clinic focuses on teaching proper throwing mechanics, which includes balance, stride, and finish. We’ll also cover different types of pitches and grips. More importantly, we’ll cover the mental part of pitching.

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Catcher Clinic

Our Catcher Clinic focuses on improving all basics skills of a catcher; receiving, blocking, throwing, and footwork.

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Fielding Clinic

The goal for our Fielding Clinic is to improve the players defensive skills and knowledge for all positions (Excluding pitchers and catchers).

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Hitting Clinic

The goal of our Hitting Clinic is to teach the players the basic fundamentals of hitting through learning correct mechanics and understanding the mental part of hitting.

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Middle-High School Fielding Clinic

Our Middle-High School Fielding Clinic is designed to work on your defensive skills and help you get ready for the upcoming Spring season! The clinic is more of an advanced clinic and is for players with more experience.

Currently, this clinic is not in session.

Click here for more information about our Middle-High School Fielding Clinic.

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