Baseball Training Programs

At Long Island Sports Zone, we offer multiple Baseball Training Programs for different ages and skill levels of Baseball. We have programs for the experienced player looking to improve on their mechanics and specific positions/skills and programs for our young players that are looking to learn all the basic fundamentals of the game.

Please keep reading to find the Baseball Training Program that works best for you.

Baseball Lessons

Our Baseball Lessons are perfect for both young and older athletes who are looking to improve their skills with private or group instruction. We recommend our lessonbaseball training programss to younger players who need to learn proper mechanics and older players that are looking to refine their skills for an upcoming tryout or season. The one on one instruction is the best training that we offer to help a player improve. We also offer FREE Baseball lessons consultations to decide if you’re ready for private lessons.

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Baseball Team Training

Our Baseball Team Training Program at Long Island Sports Zone is perfect for getting your team ready in the off-season for the upcoming season! Our Team Training programs are designed to help you team prepare for the season with hitting, fielding, and pitching drills run by our professional instructors.

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Baseball Clinics

Our Baseball Clinics are great to help improve your skills without the same financial investment as Baseball Lessons. We will offer clinics for many different aspects of the game;

  • Pitching
  • Hitting
  • Catching
  • Fielding

Our clinics are usually multiple week programs and are perfect for kids that are not quite ready for the one on one instruction.

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Baseball Classes

Our Baseball Classes differ from our clinics because they are for our younger players and are more about learning the fundamentals to teach the basics through repetition. Baseball Classes are all about teaching the basics to young players new or fairly new to Baseball while having fun. Currently, we’re offering Baseball Classes for Pre-K and K-3rd Grade.

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Baseball Camps

Long Island Sports Zone will be hosting Baseball Camps during the summer for 2017. Our locations and dates for the camps are still undecided.

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