Instructional Catcher’s Clinic

Our goal for our Instructional Catcher’s Clinic is to help the players improve on all the skills of a catcher. The clinic will focus on;

  • Learn the correct way to receive the pitch.catcher's clinic
  • Develop the proper footwork of a catcher for all situations (Throwing down to second, etc.)
  • Learn the correct form and positioning to when blocking a low pitch.

The clinic will be run by Coach Rob Maccone, Head baseball coach at Riverhead High School on Long Island.

Click to view a short video of some of the drills from our Catcher’s Clinic!

Age: 8+

Please bring your own catcher’s equipment for the clinic. No Cleats, Sneakers Only.

We’re Currently Not Running This Clinic


Email or call (631) 218-8200 with any questions about the clinic.

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