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Now that we have gone over a correct batting stance and “the load” in my last two tips, it is time to move on to our hands.  Your hands are crucial to a correct swing and gripping the bat correctly can really make a difference.

A lot of players overlook the correct way to grip the bat and do not understand how it affects your swing. A correct grip will increase your bat speed while an incorrect grip will slow it down. When gripping the bat;

  • Grip the bat loosely in your fingers, not your palm. A lot of players make the mistake of gripping the bat as tight as they can in their palms. This WILL slow your bat speed down.
Gripping the Bat

Notice Coach Caden is gripping the bat in his fingers, NOT his palm.

  • Once you have the bat gripped loosely in your fingers, you want to line up your middle knuckles on each finger forming a straight line along your knuckles.
Gripping the Bat

Middle knuckles lined up in a straight line



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