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What Are Private Lesson Consultations?

Our Private Lesson Consultations are basically a Free Private Lesson that gives us a chance to show our expertise and also, show you how our instruction can help your son or daughter in Baseball or Softball. Another reason we do the consultations is to make sure there is a connection between the instructor and player. It’s very important that there’s a connection because the player has to be willing to listen to, trust, and respect the instructor for Private Lessons to be effective. One on one instruction can be a big investment financially so the consultations are to make you more comfortable before you decide to sign up.

Are The Private Lesson Consultations For All Types Of Baseball And Softball Lessons?

No, we offer the Private Lessons Consultations for:
-Batting in Baseball and Softball.
-Pitching in Baseball.

We do offer lessons for Catcher’s in Baseball and Pitcher’s in Softball but we do not offer Private Lesson Consultations for them because they are done by instructors that rent space at the facility and are not Long Island Sports Zone Instructors.

How Much Does The Private Lesson Consultation Cost?

It’s FREE!

How Long Does The Private Lesson Consultation Last?

The consultation should take about 20-30 minutes.

What Equipment Should We Bring To The Private Lesson Consultation?

If you’re interested pitching lessons then bring a glove and if you’re interested in batting lessons then bring your helmet and bat.

How Do I Schedule A Private Lesson Consultation?

It’s very easy! You can either call us at (631) 218-8200, text us at (631) 375-3695, or email Tim at Be sure to leave a voicemail if we do not pick up when you call.

Where Can I Find More Information About Your Private Lesson Program?

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