Coach Caden Discusses the Importance of Learning Many Positions at a Young Age!

fullsizerender-4-copy-7Coach, should a young ballplayer focus on one position or learn them all?

Great question! I deal with a lot of young players who only want to focus on one position but it’s critical that players should learn as many positions as possible.  As you get older, the competition gets harder, so being versatile helps to make the team. Especially, when you’re going out for Middle School or High School and there’s already five players going out for your position. There might be five upperclassman going out for Second Base but no one is trying out for Left Field so knowing how to play Left Field will help you make the team.

Also, when a player knows the other positions they learn the game and understand where they should be on every play. Understanding the game is something that is lost on players today so knowing all the positions will only help. Remember, coaches will also look at your athletic ability and how you can help their team succeed so you need to know other positions if they want to move you to another position.

In the end, your skill level will dictate where you will play as you get older and play a higher level of competition but knowing multiple positions will increase your baseball knowledge and help your chances of playing.

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