Coach Caden Discusses How to Choose the Correct Size Bat

Coach Caden, I feel that my son’s bat might be too big for him. His bat is 31in 22oz and he looks like he’s not able to able to catch up to pitches. Bats are very expensive so I was wondering how we can pick a bat that he’ll be able to handle?

Your equipment is very important. Remember that bigger does not mean better! Bat speed is very important to catching up to pitches and generating power. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a bat to be a good hitter. What makes a successful hitter, is correct mechanics and working on your swing.

To determine the right size bat, have your child take a practice swing to the point of contact and then let go of the bat with the bottom hand (If a righty, it would be your right hand, lefty, it would be your left hand). If the bat drops without straining, the bat is too heavy. Also, he can choke up on the bat to help him handle the extra weight. This will help the player adjust to a slightly heavier bat.

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