Training with a Batting Tee | Sport Tips

A great way to work on your swing when you are by yourself is using a batting tee. One problem is that I see a lot of young athletes not using the batting tee properly and seem bored and not focused when using one. Tee work may not be as exciting as facing live pitching […]


Bunting | Sport Tips

In this Sport Tip, I want to go over the lost art of bunting. Bunting is a very important part of the game and too many young baseball players do not know how to correctly lay down a bunt. Even some professional players look like they don’t know how to bunt and I believe it […]

Finishing your swing

Finishing Your Swing | Sport Tips

Now that I’ve gone over batting stance, gripping the bat, loading, and starting your swing, it’s time to put it all together and focus on finishing your swing. At this point in your swing, the knob of your bat should be in line with the pitcher, and your back foot “squishing the bug.” Now, pull […]

starting your swing

Starting Your Swing | Sport Tip

Now that you know how to grip the bat correctly, let’s go over what’s next for your hands before and during your swing. The first step when starting your swing is something that a lot of young players don’t do, which is getting your hands back. As you are loading your lower half you should […]

Gripping the Bat | Sport Tip

Now that we have gone over a correct batting stance and “the load” in my last two tips, it is time to move on to our hands.  Your hands are crucial to a correct swing and gripping the bat correctly can really make a difference. A lot of players overlook the correct way to grip […]

The Load | Sport Tip

Now that we are in a proper batting stance, it is time to move on to our next step, “the load”.  The load is important because it will help you use your lower body in your swing and help you generate power. Basically, the load is when your shift your weight to your back foot […]

Batting Stance | Sport Tip

The most frequent questions that I get about hitting are; How should my hands line up? How far apart should my feet be? What is my head position? How do I hit for power? These are all great questions and I will cover every one but today I want to talk about having a proper […]

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