Coach Caden Discusses Why A Player Shouldn’t Feel Discouraged Because He’s Not The Best At 13!

Hey Coach, my son is 13 and plays travel but isn’t the best on his team. What should his long term aspirations for baseball be?   Like i always say, the best players at 13 aren’t always the best at 18. Your son’s long term aspirations for baseball shouldn’t be determined by his status on […]

Coach Caden Discusses the Importance of Learning Many Positions at a Young Age!

Coach, should a young ballplayer focus on one position or learn them all? Great question! I deal with a lot of young players who only want to focus on one position but it’s critical that players should learn as many positions as possible.  As you get older, the competition gets harder, so being versatile helps […]

Coach Caden Gives His Advice To Increase Arm Strength!

Hi Coach, have any advice that could help my son increase his arm strength? I find that the best way to increase arm strength is with a long toss program. Long Tossing is having a catch, but increasing the distance between the players over time so they are throwing to a target at a longer […]

Coach Caden Gives Advice on When to Start Private Lessons!

Hello, at what age should my son start private lessons? I have given private lessons to Baseball and Softball players from age 6 to age 50.  It’s important that the child is taught the right mechanics early so they don’t develop bad habits and also will help prevent injury (Especially in throwing and pitching). So […]

Coach Caden Discusses How to Choose the Correct Size Bat

Coach Caden, I feel that my son’s bat might be too big for him. His bat is 31in 22oz and he looks like he’s not able to able to catch up to pitches. Bats are very expensive so I was wondering how we can pick a bat that he’ll be able to handle? Your equipment […]

Coach Caden discusses what to look for when choosing a travel organization for Baseball!

Hey Coach, I think my 9 year old Son is ready for travel baseball but there’s so many organizations out there to choose from. What should I be looking for when deciding to choose which one is right for him? This is a great question. When choosing a travel organization you need to consider a […]