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The most frequent questions that I get about hitting are;

How should my hands line up? How far apart should my feet be? What is my head position? How do I hit for power?

These are all great questions and I will cover every one but today I want to talk about having a proper batting stance. Your stance  is very important and will help determine how and where you hit the ball.

Batting Stance

Athletic Stance- Feet Shoulder Width Apart with Knees Slightly Bent

First, I want you to ask yourself if you feel comfortable in your stance. Comfort is important because it will also give the batter a feeling of confidence in his stance. If you are not comfortable in your stance then you will probably have doubt that you will hit the ball correctly.

Important Keys to a proper batting stance:

  • Be in an athletic stance – Feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. This will give you balance so you are not falling over after every swing.
  • Head straight to the pitcher – Must be able to see the ball at all times.
  • Hands back – Your hands are essential to your swing and I will cover more about your hands in a later tip.
Batting Stance

Proper Batting Stance


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