Coach Caden discusses what to look for when choosing a travel organization for Baseball!

Hey Coach, I think my 9 year old Son is ready for travel baseball but there’s so many organizations out there to choose from. What should I be looking for when deciding to choose which one is right for him?

This is a great question. When choosing a travel organization you need to consider a couple of issues.

  • Price – what are you getting for your money.
  • Training –  who is coaching my child and what is their Baseball resume. img55
  • Talent – is my child ready to play on a higher level team.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions when looking for an organization. You want to be with a team that is organized so if they can’t answer your questions then you should probably look somewhere else.

The issues I mentioned are all important because you want the end result to be that your child is getting something out of it, and most importantly, having fun.


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