Coach Caden Gives His Advice To Increase Arm Strength!

Hi Coach, have any advice that could help my son increase his arm strength?

I find that the best way to increase arm strength is with a long toss program. Long Tossing is having a catch, but increasing the distance between the players over time so they are fullsizerender-4-copy-6throwing to a target at a longer distance than usual.

Depending on their age, i would start at a shorter distance first, then work your way up to a longer distance.  For 6-8 year olds, start at about 30 feet apart. Increase the distance 5 ft until you can no longer reach your partner on the fly. Then throw 5 more throws with the ball one hopping to their partner and then stop. We want to make sure that we are stepping towards our partner when throwing and also, throwing line drives (We don’t want to be throwing pop ups to reach the partner). The key is not to progress too fast and increase the distance slowly. The goal would be to increase the distance from our partner about 5 feet a week but don’t force it. For ages 9 and up, you can start about 50 feet apart. If that’s too far, start where the player can throw a ball that reaches his partner’s chest. Long tossing can be done as much as 3 times a week.


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