Coach Caden Gives Advice on When to Start Private Lessons!

Hello, at what age should my son start private lessons?

I have given private lessons to Baseball and Softball players from age 6 to age 50.  It’s important that the child is taught the right mechanics early so they don’t develop bad habits and also will help prevent injury (Especially in throwing and pitching). So the less 14271983_1177880568953209_2139341788_nexperienced and “raw” player is easier to teach because I don’t only have to teach correct mechanics but also, get them to stop with the bad habits.  The longer one practices incorrectly, the longer it might take to correct. However, each player has a different capacity and desire to learn. It now depends on each player’s learning curve and their maturity level.

In the end, there’s not a specific age that they should start doing private lessons. You know your son/daughter better than anyone and need to ask yourself these questions;

  1. Is he/she mature enough to focus for the 30 minutes he/she is doing the private lessons?
  2. Is he/she willing to learn what he/she taught and also willing to practice on their own what he/she is taught? I give homework to my lessons that I expect them to practice each week between our lessons.
  3. Does he/she love Baseball/Softball? They have to love the game and enjoy not only playing but practicing too. He/She should be excited to come to the lessons every week!

If the answer is yes to these questions, then he/she is ready for private lessons because it will only benefit them and help improve their game.

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